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Save The Badgers

My fellow Brits will be aware of the controversial badger culling. Many of my friends have been on the front-line of the protests and the lives of these remarkable creatures have been saved as a result. Causes often have people wearing badges to show their support but I decided to create shoes. For my overseas readers you can simply make badger shoes because they are cute and wonderful just like these shoes.
you will need;
scrap leather
acrylic paint 
plain ballet pumps
paint brushes
mod podge hard coat
I couldn’t find plain ballet pumps that were a great colour and inexpensive but then I found these in the Marks and Spencer outlet store all I had to do was remove the ugly bows.
This was simple enough to do. Remember to see it you can remove any adornments that are on a shoe without destroying it before buying the shoe.
First I drew the design onto paper. I was able to cut it out and check the size was right for the shoe.
Once you have planned the design and cut out two badger heads from the leather scrap you need to paint on a layer of mod podge to the back. This will serve to stiffen the leather. Now you are ready to paint the white badger markings onto the leather. 
Once dry attach the nose and the face to the shoe. I used a neoprene glue but any glue suitable for fabric and leather.
Wear your badger shoes with pride!

May 12, 2014
May 18, 2014