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Sebastian’s Room – Inspiration

paris child bedroom

Having this huge house is so great as most people see daunting task I see exciting project. The room I am most excited about is Sebastian’s room. There is so much scope for fun and fantasy and creativity in child’s room that you just don’t get anywhere else in the home. I have had so much fun gathering inspiration for this space. There is a little bit of building work to do in this room but as soon as that is finished this is the next space to get a makeover. All I need to do now is pull together the ideas. 

I want the room to be filled with inspiration for him to grow and develop. The room is large and children are small so it is important that the space does not feel overwhelming. I intend to create different spaces in the room; a space to sleep, a reading nook and of course spaces to play.
childs reading corner
child's room teepee
Artwork in this room is really important to me and I have already bought Sebastian his first art,  beautiful alphabet screen print that is made up of collective nouns, it is stunning, I can’t wait to hang it. I have a dozen other prints picked out on Etsy also, like the one below.
etsy family bird print
One of the things that is really important is for a child’s room to be just that, their room. This that should be out of reach will be in another room. I want his things to be within his reach and accessible.
vintage pepsi cola crate
vintage childrens room
Back in the 80s/90s there were two ugly words paint effects! Yes rag rolling and stencils of grapes ruined many homes but on of the things I want to do in my new home is get rid of the ugliness around those two words and have some great paint effects planned for this place. The wallpaper below was my inspiration for one of them.
I am looking forward to sharing the progress of this room with you. The building work starts in August so not long now!
June 27, 2014
June 30, 2014


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    June 29, 2014

    Oh, so lovely. I just imagine how it looks like if I make it for my niche. I have some own idea though, let have a try..you inspire me