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Secrets To French Style

There is a reason that Paris is referred to as the capital of fashion, and France is a country synonymous with style. What is it about French fashion that captivates the world? French style is about simple chic, filling your wardrobe with classic pieces that have timeless appeal. Even their pyjamas are classy, how do I know that? Well I am wearing french pjymas in Paris in the picture above and the one below! Amazing right?
The classic Breton Stripe is a great example of the classic styles that make French fashion so chic. So here is my top fashion tip and indeed the secret to French style.
Wear it with confidence!
Now I could tell you to clinch jumpers and cardigans in with a belt or how to pack for a weekend away but the piece of advice that I value the most is the one I received from my mother and took me 10 years to take notice of. There is no point in wearing the latest trend if you don’t feel comfortable in it, clothes are an expression of yourself, I explain this in a previous post on fashion. Wearing something with confidence may sound easier said than done but here my tips for that, the first being, be aware of your body shape. 
Fashion is often influenced by popular culture and last year the store were filled with Great Gatsby, 1930s inspired clothing. As much as I was in love with the beautiful dresses I am well aware that my figure is not be suited to the cut. My breasts and hips look better in a more Mad Men style of outfit, see;
Being aware of your body shape does not mean you are limited to one style. I break out of the Joan dress genre often. Below I am embracing the classic knitwear and fitted trousers of classic French style.
Wearing clothes with confidence enables me to look and feel good even when my body shape changed, like when I was pregnant.
Being aware of your body shape and what suits you is one way to wear your style with confidence and look great. Another tip for achieving this is to be sure before you buy. We all have those pieces in our wardrobe that are nothing but clutter now. The skirt we rushed out to buy on a lunch break or the dress we bought for a night out that we were not sure of but we had to buy something. Well stop that. If you  try something on and you are no sure about it don’t buy it. If I wake up and I am having a bad hair day, haven’t slept and didn’t put on any make up to contend with unflattering store lights and mirrors, I don’t shop that day. If you are not feeling great then you will not feel good about anything you try on that day and could end up in a bad image slump. When you feel good go shopping, by things that suit your body shape, and WEAR IT WITH CONFIDENCE.