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Sit back and just listen….

So last year I gave you my ‘most listened to’ tunes in this post. I have decided to change things up a little for 2013. Instead of just listening to individual tracks I wanted to share with you the albums that I listened to the most last year. As with the Songs of 2011 these will not necessarily be albums that were released in 2012. Okay so obviously I cannot upload complete albums so I have chosen a track from each. However my advise is listen to the whole album.

This is one of the most wonderful atmospheric albums I have listened to. Remember when I gave you small fact about myself. I told you that I often listen to music and imagine how the tune would play as music in a soundtrack to movie retrospective about my life. I can incorporate almost every song on this album into this format. The particular track I have chosen below works particularly well with a montage of me looking contemplative and spending time looking through coffee shop windows into the distance trying to make sense of or make a decision. Please enjoy the title track of my first album.

1. Koop – Koop Island Blues

This next album is one that I has been my go to album whilst I am working and bathing, I like to sing along in bath. She has an amazing voice and is so far removed from some of the more insipid pap that is around in the singer/songwriter genre. Here she is singing the track Graveyard live.
2. Feist – Metals

This next album is quite old but that does not discount how great it is. I have played it a lot last year.
Hey Mrs is still one of my favourite tracks on the album.
3. I Monster – Neveroddoreven

Well when I said that the last album was old I wasn’t lying however this one is much older. Sometimes you just need to listen to classics.
4. Television – Marquee Moon

So you know how they say that music can change your mood, this is true but this album can change the whether. I listen to this in the pouring rain and in my mind I am instantly in the sun enjoying cold cider and a picnic. This is the last on my list of most listened to albums of 2012. Take some time to just sit and listen to music. Trust me you will be better off for it.
5. Bonobo – Days To Come
December 31, 2012
January 7, 2013