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Let me start out by saying that this is a post I have felt a little uncomfortable about as I do no see myself as an expert but I have had a few emails and Facebook messages complementing me on my skin (I am not comfortable with complements) and asking me what my skincare routine is. In the photo above that is how I generally look. I wear make up for my blog posts but most of the time I look like this. I have a bare face and mascara and on occasion a little eyeliner on my top lid also. I do  this because even though my lashes are long they are light which is odd considering my hair is dark, if only I could say for the big dark hairs that grown on my chin! Isn’t it fun being a girl a life of plucking.
General tips;
  1. Drink water. I feel silly to say this as it is one that gets said by everyone all of the time. I drink on average 3 pints of water a day. You can also add slices of cucumber or lime to your water to give it a subtle flavour but they are also antioxidants. I am no saint and have been known to get through 14 cups of tea a day but I am trying to cut back. I make sure that I intersperse tea and coffee with water and fruit juice.
  2. Eat fruit and green vegetables. I admit this one is easier for me as I am vegetarian so it is a given. If you find it hard to eat all of your 5 a day in your day look at cheating a little. Drink a smoothie, target the best veg for your skin such as tomatoes and dark green veg.
  3. Take your make up off. This is another thing that I am not always great at. In fact when I was in my twenties I could get away with not washing in the morning. I would remove any smudged black that was under my eye and run straight to work. Yes all the secrets are coming out now and the scummy ones at that! I could get away with that 15 years ago and not break out in spots, oh to be young. Now my skin really suffers if I do not wash my make up off at night. The plus side is it also saves any unsightly smudges on your pillowcases so 2 in the win column there.
My everyday routine;
  • Wash my face. The face wash I use is  Fresh Farmacy by Lush this is a UK based company that uses fresh lovely ingredients to make everything from face wash to hair dye and perfume. I like this product because it is filled with chamomile which is very calming for the skin. Lots of people will just use a cleansing milk/lotion to wash their face but  I personally don’t feel like I have had a wash unless I have had water on it. I use Fresh Farmacy (and yes that is how they spell it) by taking a small amount in my hand and making it into a paste with warm water and washing as normal.
  • Toning. This is something that doesn’t really happen everyday but it is a great way of removing all of the residual build up that you can get on your skin from washing products. I use LancĂ´me this is the second toner I have used, the first one I used was way too harsh for my skin and made it really dry and flaky. When this product did not dry my skin out I just stuck with it and it lasts for ages. I only put a small amount on a cotton pad and sweep my face and neck.
  • Moisturiser. I have two that are my go to. Another Lush gem the Vanishing Cream, this has lavender and honey in which are great for calming your skin. The other great thing about it is really does disappear, this is a great feature if like me you have a fringe, with other face creams I have to clip my fringe back whilst in sinks in to prevent greasy fringe syndrome, it is a real thing. It is also good if you have to rush out in the morning as it sinks in straight away and your face is ready for make up. I sometimes use another cream and this is the Shea Alchemy Light Day Cream, I use the rose one as rose oil is also a great calmer of skin. This is a little heavier that the Vanishing Cream which as a lady in her mid thirties you sometimes need.
  • Hands. I also use the Shea Alchemy Intense Hand Cream, the lemon one because I like the smell. I have VERY dry hands and most intense hand creams make your hands feel oily for ages which is rubbish if you want to get on with life and touch things. This rubs in really quickly and feels instantly softer.
When it comes to face scrubs and masks etc… I make my own from kitchen product. I will share some of these with you soon I promise.
I want to add that I am not a dermatologist, this is what I do that works for my skin, everyone is different. Please note that although I will do sponsored posts on products this IS NOT a sponsored post. These are simply the products I buy and choose to use.
Feel free to post any tips you have in the comment section or drop me a line.
Take Care
Nicolette xo