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Small outlay, Big hand

It is the same throughout the whole world every ones government is in financial trouble and there are cut backs everywhere. I have never claimed to be a economic expert but when I turn on he radio or TV or read the newspaper the message is the same people need to be entrepreneur’s in times like these and small businesses really do feed the economy. 

That mesage is all well and good but not every creative hard working individual has a stash of money lying around to fund projects. The kickstarter programme is an innovative and unique way for people to find backing for a project or help one in the pipeline.

I would like to talk to you about Red Velvet. Red Velvet was founded 10 years ago by Elsie Flannigan (now Larson), Rachel Denbow and Emma Chapman, two sisters and a best friend. Each of the women creative and successful bloggers and business women they need a little jump start to take their vision to the next level. Elsie is a spokeswoman for Shape Whats To Come and receives lots of press regarding her achievements and those of the Red Velvet collective, recently named in a round up of America’s 20 to watch under 30! All three women have successful online presence and popular e-courses so you would helping women who already have a track record of success and you get a little reward too if you like.

So please visit the kickstarter site, the link is above and learn more about helping entrepreneur’s. Lets live in a world where hard work, creativity and dedication pay off.