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Spring Clean Your Life

I am not one of those people who loves cleaning but I do Like to be in a clean house. I do, however, love spring cleaning as it does not feel monotonous like regular cleaning because you are doing jobs that you don’t normally do, plus you get the smug satisfaction of all your hard work whilst you look around the room with a self congratulatory glass of wine on the go. This year I am embracing the joy of spring cleaning your life. The truth is that by the time spring comes round we have lost that New Year vigor we had in January. By the time spring comes around we are in a panic that the half way mark of the year is almost upon us and down in the dumps about failing on some of the resolutions that we set ourselves. I like many other have been reading the wonder book, The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying – Marie Kondo. It is claimed that if you employ the Konmarie method you will never need to tidy again.

I cannot wait to employ her methods in my house when I move back to Yorkshire, there are boxes that I have not unpacked since I left my first husband over 10 years ago, they have sat in garages, moved from place to place and remained taped shut, I need to fix this. Yes I know it is not Spring but I started to think of spring cleaning as a concept and thought how can I use the idea of spring cleaning to give myself a good old mental tidy. So that is exactly what I did and here is what I did.
1. Trick your mind. It is easy to feel as though you are stuck in a rut and let’s be honest daily life cannot be new and exciting all the time that is just not practical. As much as you can move your rooms around. Change the pictures on the wall, re configured your furniture as much as is feasible. Your home is the place where you need to feel safe and secure it should not be a prison. Making the place feel fresh should not put you under financial pressure to revamp. Simply swapping the room pictures are in and changing lamps around can make a huge difference.

2. Half Your Lists. We are all guilty of putting ourselves under too much pressure, be that career goals, relationship goals or the fact that we made a New Years resolution list that is longer than War & Peace. Get out a black marker and cross at least half of the stuff off your list. It is great to have goals and make plans it is what drives us but they should not be a weight around your neck.

3. Sort Out Your Wardrobe. Although you could look at this as regular tidying it is not because having clothes that make us feel bad about ourselves makes us feel bad, simple really. Words cannot express my loathing for the endless magazine articles that are around at this time of year asking us if we are beach body ready. Oh please why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the media and worse still pay over the odds for these publications that are filled with adverts. Go into your wardrobe and empty it of anything that you don’t feel great in, that you bought because a magazine made you feel you should or that you have been holding onto in case you decided to stop liking food and want to starve yourself. I have large breasts and kept buying things that did not suit my shape, no more! Sell what you get rid of or donate it to charity.

4. Remove The Negative. Marie Kondo states that we should only have items in our home that bring us joy, that is the method she uses to sort through our clutter. If an item does not bring you joy she tells you to discard it. I thought I would employ the same philosophy to people.This may sound harsh but it is probably the most important thing we can do to make ourselves healthy. If you are on Facebook look at your friend list and start deleting. Scary I know, remove those who you have no idea who they are, those you met once, those who are just really negative people but you accepted their friend request because you have a mutual friend and you were not sure of the etiquette. Once you start you will probably be able to remove more than a third. Why? You need space in your life for great people and people that matter. Stop engaging in toxic relationships, that covers friends, lovers and yes even family. People in your life who make you feel bad about yourself every time they speak to you. For years I would continue to allow friends who were that in name only treat me badly. Make horrid comments about the way I look, my mental health, my family background, my race as I wanted to see the good in them and did not think that I deserved better. But I did, and so do you, you all do. You will be better off without them, trust me.

5. Accentuate The Positive. Now let’s have a look at all the great things in your life and fabulous people you do have around you. It be all too easy to fall into the ‘woe is me trap’. We all have bad and good in our life. I have started a journal of 5, everyday before bed I think about the day and write down 5 happy things. For example yesterday I wrote; The sun came in the window and looked pretty, Sebastian and I made cookies, Sebastian giggled, The dog slept on my feet, I drank spicy hot chocolate. Sometimes we need to focus on the little things and realise we have goodness in our lives. Give a shout out the the great people in your life. send a card or letter to a friend telling them what you admire about them.

I hope you enjoy your mental tidy as much as I have. 

August 25, 2015