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Storage Box Makeovers

I have been getting ready for the arrival of baby Sebastian. It is amazing how much stuff such small humans require. Sebastian’s room is a duel purpose room as it is still my craft room and occasional jigsaw room. I am outed as a jigsaw lover. I will share a full home tour soon when I have finished tweeking what I can in my rental friendly re-design. It will be nice as there will be before and after shots as I shared a home tour of the Paris flat earlier this year.

There is a distinct lack of drawers space in this house but a wealth of open shelving, which is great but certain things need to be contained as open shelves stop looking so cool if they are covered in clutter and crafters and babies make clutter. As with everything in Paris buying really nice boxes for storage comes with a really nice expensive price tag. Thinking about it even if I had the cash to have bought nicer boxes than I did they did not come in the designs or colours that I really wanted.

What I went for were plain as you like white archival boxes from an office supply store. They looked like this before I got to work on them.

Pretty uninspiring right? I decided to cover each of the lids with bright fabric. To do this all you need is some PVA glue or my favourite mod podge, fabric that is large enough to cover and fold over the edges of the box/lid, scissors and a glue brush, (this is just a cheap brush you can use for gluing).
After my lids had dried overnight I gave them a top coat of glue to seal them.
Now for the main body of the boxes I decided to stay in monochrome. and use simple patterns. I used a fine liner for the feathers and the rest of the designs were done with black gouache paint. The hand drawn effect worked well and you don’t have to work about them being precise. My lines on the pattern shown on the top picture has wobbly lines because it is not a digital print and they were not drawn with a ruler – it is exactly what I wanted. So don’t worry if you think you are not a perfect  draughts person the effect will still look great.

One of my favourite ones is the box that uses words as pattern. I love to use language in my designs and my art. I chose to run each word together so they became a pattern. I used the lyrics of a Bob Dylan song, Forever Young. I love this song and would really like my friend Jim to play it at Sebastian’s naming ceremony. I haven’t asked him yet but I am sure if I mention it here it will get the ball rolling in that department.
Why not have a go yourself. Trust your own instinct and ability. If you have little ones let them design a box or cover it in handprints.

November 28, 2013