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Styling A Problem Skirt

Sometimes despite all your instincts and any practical thoughts in your head you see a piece of clothing you just have to buy. I saw this skirt in H&M in the summer sales and thought it looked like a designer skirt, I loved the fabric, colour, length shape everything. Where is the problem then? Well the problem was that the top that was sold with it, as lovely and matching as it was was in no way the right shape for my breasts. So now I am left with a skirt that is a beautiful yet slightly awkward shape to work with. Here is how I found not one but two great ways to style it.
The first thing to realise is that you are not going to find a matching colour so get that notion out of your head right now. I would also keep clear of trying to work on a spectrum. If I was to wear another blue with this skirt it would look like I had tried to match and failed. One might assume that matching black and white is simple but the shade of white tops would not look right with the white in the background so that is a no no also. Instead go for a completely different colour.

The second issue is the shape. A top that is too long would make an unflattering silhouette so go for something shorter perhaps in a peplum shape like I did. Despite this skirt looking quite fancy, if I do say so myself the overall look remained casual by wearing flats and my biker jacket.

For the second look I employed the same notion of colour, in fact I stepped it up a little. Maybe a lot, it just goes to show that you can throw lots of colours together, forget the fear and go for it, you can get away with so much if you do it with confidence. Although I advised against a long top if the top is long enough you can tuck it in, that way you can get the full effect of how small your waits appears in a fit and flare skirt.

This look also embraced the fanciness of the skirt with some heels. Chunky ones of course as they are easy and comfortable to walk around in.

Outfit Details
Top One  – Monoprix
Shoes -c/o Boden 
Skirt – H&M 
Bag – Vintage Topshop
Jacket – Lulu
Top Two – Monoprix
Cardigan – Collectif
Shoes – Killah 

December 13, 2014