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Summer Goals – an update

Okay well I thought as you were all so supportive of my summer goals I thought I would give you an update as here in the north of England I am sitting indoors under a blanket wearing a large jumper so I am guessing summer is over! I have to say I was not very successful with everything. 
  1. Success! this is good as next Saturday is wedding day so I am happy the diy is out of the way.
  2. A fail. I am afraid that the whole global economy banks not lending has put our plan on hold as no one could afford our house which meant we couldn’t move forward on our next house. A sad thing but we will have to just hang on and try again in the future.
  3. Success! Well I am cheating a little here. Lots of the catering has been done and is in the large freezer at my mums house ready to be taken to the castle however we do have some cooking to do on site still next week. I am so confident that we will do this I am chalking this up as a success already. I will be sharing some wedding recipes with you all very soon.
  4. A fail. I could make excuses about not having time but the honest truth is our summer was so wet and rubbish that I threw a little tantrum and refused to go out on my bike at all.
  5. Success! Although this has been minimal it has been done. It has been hard as I am not a natural computer person but as you may have noticed I changed some things on my blog including the new banner I design with the magic of html.
  6. Success! Marmaduke in fact is in garage at the mo getting spruced up and we plan to do even more trips, maybe even some winter ones if we get brave, toughen up and take lots of quilts, or even a combination of all of the above.
I love making lists and having goals so I have decided to make a new list of goals I want to achieve before my birthday. Just to give you an idea of my time frame my birthday is at the beginning of March, as for how old I will be a lady never reveals her age!

Here are my new goals – wish me luck. What are your goals?

August 26, 2011