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Take time off

This may sound silly after me telling you yesterday to make time for others, well I stand by that. I do think that we need to take time to be quiet, stop and rest. I am a huge offender when it comes to not resting, I can hear my nearest and dearest now laughing about me telling other they should rest. I am trying to do better,  my mind works at a mile a minute. When i am not working and creating I am thinking about what to do next and planning for it. Joe on the other hand is the king of chill and I am trying to learn. I have recognised that time off is beneficial, my mind comes back to work fresher and rested.

So have a sit down, go for a swim, listen to records (without working whilst listening), read a book, have a hug, drink tea and eat biscuits. It is entirely up to you how you spend your time off – but take the time off!

June 26, 2011