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Talking About Patterned Tiles

How To Choose Patterned Tiles
As some of you may know I am deep in renovation mode right now so my rock n roll lifestyle consists of Saturday nights in with radiator catalogues or looking at tile samples, paint chips or late night sanding once Sebastian is in bed. I want to share some of my favourite patterned tile inspiration and finds with you so that you can do something that is actually rock n roll with your Saturday night.
Last summer we drove down from our flat in Paris with a toddler and a baby in the car to enjoy a wonderfully chilled out week in the Loire. It is pretty much a tradition to leave Paris and spend the summer en vancances, after 3 years we decided if we were going to be taken seriously as Parisians we needed to leave for the summer. We still had that ex pat vibe about us as we only spent one week away as opposed to the more traditional month, honestly try and buy a decent baguette in Paris in August it is a challenge my friend! As an avid fan of Air BnB I found a house that had been lovingly renovated and full of little design quirks and features to be inspired by. That is what it is like living with a blogger we are never ‘off’, even on holiday. I spoke with the owner in depth about the awful state the house had been left in and how the previous owner had glued carpet onto encaustic tiles, criminal if you ask me. She had had to go for a mix and match look to repair the damage.
French Antique Tiles
The house was originally an old cafe and bar with many tiled areas. She placed all of the rescued tiles in the dining room with a few more modern ones to fill the gaps. Although er project was done out of necessity I liked the look. I have always been a fan of mix and match so it was great to live with it for a week and I can confirm I am fully sold on the idea. 
Searching, searching, searching. Often when you are looking to grab something wonderful for your home you shy away from big chains thinking they will not have anything nice or unusual. I was surprised to see loads of tiles I loved at Topps Tiles of all places. I found these wonderful tiles that satisfy my three design requirements; colour, Paris feel, and mix n match.
Topps Tiles Stamford

The Stamford Tile Range has the look of encaustic tiles for a fraction of the cost. Each 45cm tile is made up of 4 smaller square designs, the image above is in fact one tile in repeat. Each box comes with 12 random tiles form the range, each with 4 patterns on) so you can really go wild and fully customise your space, awesome right! You can see the full effect on the image below as I had a play around with a great ‘visualise it’ tool that the site has that allows you to customise a room based on your tile choices.

Topps Tiles Kitchen

You cannot upload your own picture but you can still get an idea of the look. I also tiled the wall and painted the cabinets and even chose grey grout on the wall. Even though it is at least a quarter of the price of real encaustic tiles it is still not cheap, based on my kitchen, which is roughly 22m squared would cost £870, I need to start saving then but it will be worth it just seeing the computer generated image gets me excited.

Topps Tiles

There are many other patterned tiles to choose from for those of you who are not sold on mix n match. For example The Grosvenor tile range. These are suited to those Victorian or at a pitch Edwardian terraced villas that line most city streets in the UK, I love them but in a rural stone built hose I cannot think of a suitable home for them. There are great examples of the tiles used indoors and outside.

Topps Tiles Grosvenor

The other tile I fell for on the site inspired me to play with the visualise it tool once more, this time I mocked up a bathroom. The Argania Tile threw my vision of the bathroom up in the air again, you can read more about my indecisive bathroom choices HERE. I love the that the design had a Central American feel to it. I love the muted grey colours and the faded worn edges on the glaze. Now I am in a real quandary about the bathroom as I do really like this tile but as the bathroom will be done last there is time to save and change my mind over and over again.

Topps Tiles Bathroom

One of my favourite places for interiors shopping is Petit Pan and I have been slowly buying up a collection of their tiles. I will be using them for an exciting fireplace project in the dining room and it will be a little more mix and match. The tiles are dyed cement making them extremely hard wearing and can be used on walls and floors. Below are a few example from their website.

Patterned tiles Paris
Petit Pan Tiles
Paris Interiors Tiles
Petit Pan Tiles

A little over a decade ago I went to live in Morocco to write the worst most self indulgent book ever, it went nowhere as I realised it was awful and I came home sooner than planned. All was not lost there was a lot to be inspired by in Morocco and I fell in love with so much of the architecture and carpets, my word the carpets! Many of the old riads, houses built around a garden courtyard had beautiful staircases with tiled up treads, like these.

moroccan tiles
moroccan tiled staircase

I would love to do this in my house in Yorkshire but I have over 40 steps so I don’t think we could ever afford it but I a have a few alternative DIY plans to try out that may work as an alternative.

One thing I discovered about patterned tiles is that they do not come cheap so it is fun to think of ways to use them in your home in smaller craft and DIY projects. You could tile the top of a table, a small board as a back splash or simply add felt to the bottom to use as a coaster. Don’t be afraid to use bold patterns in your home bland is boring!

tiled table top diy

January 21, 2016



  1. Reply

    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    January 19, 2016

    I love how patterned tiles can really transform a space

  2. Reply

    Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves

    January 19, 2016

    Me too, the whole house doctor, property ladder era left everyone in a plain and cream daze. I say break out and get some colour and pattern into our homes.