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The Bathroom – Before

So it occurred to me that I have not posted about the house renovation for quite a while and there are a couple of very good reasons for that. The first being work on the house is at a standstill at the moment. I went back to the house in April and almost finished two rooms, the toilet, (which you have not yet seen), and Sebastian’s room. In truth There is still a lot of work to do in Seb’s room but that is because I have so many very cool projects planned. Apart from the April visit I have not been able to go back to the house.  The second being I have been busy in Paris writing, my first book is well under way and I have a deadline looming. It is sad that work has halted but there comes a point when you cannot project manage from another country you need to be on site to make decisions as soon as they arise so I chose to halt work and wait until I could be there in person. 
That being said there is still planning to do and rooms to show you. So without further a do let me walk you through the bathroom, before. 
You walk up these stairs and turn right to find the bathroom that the 1980s forgot, but spoiler alert it was actually made this way in 2009 by the previous owners. Each to their own I say but it has to go.
The positive points of the bathroom are; it is light, it is a good size and it has a separate bath and shower. The downside is it looks like this, nothing is salvageable and bathrooms are not cheap to re model.
The thought process of how I want the bathroom to look and I will share my inspiration with you soon.