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The Garden – Before & Progress

overgrown garden
The last couple of houses I have had not had a garden so I am thrilled that my ‘forever house’ does. The term wild jungle may be more fitting. When I first saw the house it was the dead of winter so things were less wild so you can imagine my surprise when I came back to find everything overgrown.
There was so much to be done in eight days; cleaning, moving, painting, sanding, factor into that time for baby care it was a pretty full week. With that in mind I did not think any headway would be made in the garden department. Saturday and Sunday everything else had been done, I know I was shocked and even more surprisingly I had a sudden burst of energy.
overgrown garden
overgrown garden
Above are photographs of the tree and thorny bush that were way too close to the house, they were pushing up against the windows. I also want to avoid thorns in a garden that has to be little person friendly, it is a space for Sebastian to run around in. So with a blunt-ish saw in hand I cut them down, and I only sawed through my hand twice.
saw down tree
So much clearer and lighter in the house. Another plus is that we have our first wood pile ready to dry out for the wood burner. I know it is odd to get sentimental about a wood pile but I really like the fact that the first fire will be from the wood I cut down that week. And here it is.
wood for wood burner
I am so blessed with the space, not only is there a garden but there is a patio and a courtyard off the utility room, I intend to make a kitchen garden in containers there and hang outdoor festoon lights. I am looking forward to enjoying a glass of wine looking out at the garden and the hills in the background.
courtyeard garden
courtyard garden
patio makeover

A nice shot of Joe clearing the garden waste, I even changed into more appropriate garden clearing clothing.

clear garden debris
flymo  mower
There is still so much to do and some work for a professional tree surgeon but I am proud of the headway. All of the grass at the bottom is dead as it has not seen sun but hopefully that can start to change and I will be able to save the lawn with feeding and regular TLC.
how to clear a garden

Above is a picture of the cleared garden, miles to go but a good start.. I am so proud of how much got done in such a short space of time. I need to pull together my garden inspiration into a more cohesive manner, there will even be a scale drawing!

July 18, 2014
July 20, 2014