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The Master Bedroom – Progress Report

Fired Earth Jubilee Blue
I wanted to share with you the progress in the master bedroom. To get a look at what it looked like before here is a link to the post.
As this room needed the least building work to complete, well in fact zero building work this was the perfect place to start. It also means that we have a save haven to come back to when we visit from Paris. 
You will note that the window frames to the right have not been painted and they will remain that way. They need replacing as the weights are broken in most of the sash windows and as painting sash windows is painfully slow I do not intend to put myself through that torture for window frames that are not staying.
twisted wool carpet
Covering the dark terracotta took five coats of one coat to cover it, that dark terracotta was ALL over the ceiling. In a bid to try and keep the paint from spattering on my hair I wore that silly hat.
painting with a roller

 ….and no pants

white one coat paint
painting a ceiling
I worked really hard to find the exact blue. I wanted a really deep blue. I saw a film years ago called B Monkey and toward the end she is painting a cottage wall a deep blue, since than I have been obsessed with having a deep blue wall.
cutting in decorating
I found the perfect carpet, looped wool, well a wool bend, have you seen the cost of wool carpets, way out of my budget. This one feels great underfoot and looks rather nice too.
looped wool carpet
I can’t wait to fill the room with furniture, in fact the bed has been bought but I will leave that for the full reveal. Next on my list is to sew the roman blinds. There are so many stages to making a roman blind that is sounds more complicated than it is when I write down the instructions. I am hoping to make an instructional video for you but my video editing skills are not as great as my blind making skills.
September 19, 2014
September 23, 2014



  1. Reply

    Marina Curtis

    September 22, 2014

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Reply

    Emily Kingham

    September 25, 2014

    Wow, I admire your determination – 5 coats of paint is hard work! The room is coming along really well. I actually find decker rolling quite satisfying, its the cutting in I hate. We have a dark brown feature wall in our room, sounds strange, but it works really well as we have a huge bed that ties in well with the feature wall and then the 3 paler walls contrast and soften the look. At least you're nearly at the furnishing part which is fun. Happy decorating :O)