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The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Before I became a writer and presenter I used to work as a social worker and after that I worked in the charity sector in development, for that reason I was very excited to be able to be part of the Send A Cow Most Important Meal Of Their Lives Campaign. When I was working in the social care/charity sector one of the projects I worked on was raising awareness of breakfast for children, after that work breakfast clubs in schools became an important part of the day for many children. Having that first meal aided them to keep concentration in class and healthy food helped balance mood swings. The importance of breakfast makes it the ideal choice for their campaign to Break Fast.
We are fortunate in the UK to now have a healthy breakfast club programme in schools. We recognise that children perform better on full tummies. Send A Cow believes that children in Africa deserve the same chance to start the day on a full tummy and reach their full potential.
Follow the link above to download the free ebook containing 11 breakfast recipes inspired by what great people in history ate. From Rosa Parks to Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama. Before you download the book please take a minute to make a donation to the cause. Send A Cow hope to raise £500,000 to give children in Africa the best start to the day,  and for every £1 raised the UK government will match it.
Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening, said: “We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but too many children are not getting that vital head start. Across Uganda and Rwanda, 15 million are gravely undernourished. Given the right chance, any one of those children could be the next Florence Nightingale or Neil Armstrong.
“We will beef up Send a Cow’s appeal by matching pound for pound all public donations to the Break…Fast appeal so we can change thousands of young lives. Just a £2.50 donation, when doubled, is enough to ensure a child can get all the benefits of a nutritious breakfast for an entire month.”

Simon Barnes, CEO of Send a Cow, commented: “Research shows that a full stomach plays a key role in doing well in education. With the opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast every morning, children in some of the poorest parts of Africa will have the vital nutrients they need to go to school and concentrate on their lessons. And if they can prosper in their education they have an excellent chance of breaking free from poverty and achieving their true potential.”

As well as raising money for a worthy appeal the book will give you an insight into the quirky breakfast habits of some of the greatest people in history.