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The Music of 2011

Let me start with a brief disclaimer. When I say the music of 2011 I mean the songs that defined my year not necessarily songs realised in 2011, although there are a few of those in the list. I am a big fan of Lisa Hannigan. There is always an influx of pretty girls with stringed instruments in the music industry who, lets face it get recording deals because they look good but all they produce is album after album of insipid pap. This is not the case here Lisa is a talented musician who just happens to also be a stunner! I love this track if  I were to describe it I would say it sounds of summer. The video is super fun also.


There are certain things in life that unintentionally become Christmas traditions. At one point I expected a Lord of the Rings film to always be part of Christmas, after three December releases who wouldn’t. I now associate playing Assassins Creed part of Christmas. Since the second game the release has always been close enough to make it a Christmas present. The latest in this games series has the most awesome track to accompany the advert. Iron by Woodkid is a stunning tune with so much depth to it. I was tempted to just include the Assassins Creed video but the official music video is so beautifully shot you can’t not watch it. About 3 mins in there is some amazing black trailing smoke images. Plus from a comedic point of view the young chap with an owl looks like Justin Bieber, that made me smile. I have also included the other video as the gaming music video is also great and you will probably want to listen to the tune twice. Last year I became obsessed with a Gui Boratto remix of Paradise Circus which would get played on repeat. This song is the Paradise Circus of 2011. Plug your external speakers into the computer, turn up the volume and enjoy the drums.


I love music but sometimes the music hold more meaning it acts as a sense memory trigger. The next few songs are definitely in that category. The sentimental value in no way detracts from them being amazing tunes. When I went to see my very dear friends Des ( you will remember him from marrying us) and Jo (my friend and the love of his life) in their current home town of Brussels we went to sample some beers. In one of the bars we visited this track started and it stopped our conversation dead and we all started to nod our heads and smile at one another. Isn’t it great when you are all on the same page at the same time. Jo, who has the best French went and spoke to them and got the name of the track. Since then it has been a regular on my ipod and always makes me smile.

This song was our first dance at our wedding. It is not in fact ‘our song’. Our song is in fact a Jurassic 5 song, Thin Line. However it not really couple dancing friendly. We chose this track by Gwyneth Herbert – Perfect Fit as it is very pretty and the lyric encapsulated the day for us. There is a line where she sings, “people look at me funny it must be the paradise plastered all over my face”. There is a special kind of smugness that you get when you love someone and they love you right back and if you can’ shout about that on your wedding day when can you? I have included the official video and not Joe and I dancing as you may notice.
This next song is another wedding song and a very old one from when I was back in college. We had it start to play as we were pronounced married. The lyrics are exactly how I felt. I  feel that the song has a cinematic feel, you know the bit it the movie when he finally gets the girl and the kiss under fireworks. Well Joe is comfortable with who he is and is open about his rom com obsession so this was a little nod to that. He could have his cinematic getting the girl moment and I got a song I loved for years. Listen to the lyrics and tell me it isn’t marriage in song form.


I always have lots and lots to do but this year I have extra busy. As you know in addition to my already chaotic life I also got married twice (to the same Joe) the first one was the legal one. I was also quite ill this year so training for the marathon I did in May meant I had to have really great banging tune on my ipod to keep up and motivated. Some of these tracks were so good they went on full blast and motivated me whilst sewing, hoovering, cooking so on and so forth you get the picture. Here it is my favourite ‘up and at em’ 2011 song The Japanese Popstars with Let Go. I also have ace memories of dancing to this in my kitchen with friends on my bachelorette night!
Here is another hopelessly soppy one. As we approach our first Christmas as married folk I was naturally drawn to the mini album Fort Christmas by Jeremy Larson the singer, songwriter and music producer from Missouri. He wrote this entire album inspired by his love Elsie, now Mrs Larson! My favourite on the EP is The Leave Behind however follow the link and buy the whole album it it so inexpensive and very lovely especially for lovers. I bought a copy and it has been getting played almost solidly since the tree went up. If you visit his blog he has gifted a free download of a new Fort Christmas track.

This next song is a goodie. Not a 2011 release but still reminds me of dancing with good friends.

More loved up year inspired tuneage. The next two songs were in the mix I made for directly after our ceremony when we were mingling with everyone. I chose 2 hours of songs that talked about all aspects of love and some that just had beautiful music and others that talked of the memories of family life.


My last song is by Best Coast, this is a group I know very little about. They are a newish band and have a small catalogue of music but I love them. They have a real vintage sound and were the soundtrack to my summer. Here is my favourite song from their 2010 album with the fab cover. Check out the kitten!


Thank you for enjoying my top 11 of 2011!

See you next year.

Take Care

Nicolette xo
January 14, 2012