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The New Bohemians – Book Review

It occurred to me that I had not done anything exciting with my first advance payment on my book deal so I decided to buy a book from a fellow author and my favourite designer Justina Blakeney. I also bought a dress, a pair of sandals and a new nappy bag. This book is so beautiful but I have not just looked at the pictures I have read it cover to cover. Justina has a really nice style of writing, friendly and relaxed. The book encapsulate my style exactly, namely made up as I go along. I am a firm believer in homes are there to be lived in, they should also be a refection of your life. I hate overly styled cookie cutter homes, how dull when all the nic naks are so perfectly created, no silly gag gift from a lover, no homemade gift from your child. Justina shows you a multitude of homes that manage to bring together, items from their children, their travels, market finds and hand me downs and make the eclectic work. 

The book has stunning photography, tips and suggestions, a few craft projects and even a recipe. Granted it will look great on your coffee table but it deserves to be read, and re read.

I love that the book is about creating style organically and not just arriving at a finished home. I also love that it is not filled with expensive things I could never afford, it is about having a stylish home regardless of your income, you don’t have to live in a mansion.
I loved the range of different properties in the book from a garage with an airstream to her very own sister small but perfectly formed flat, referred to as ‘the treehouse’. Thank you Justina for bringing this collection of homes to us. If you want to read more about her, her ‘jungalow’ and her art you can visit her site, also I just nominated her for an Amara blog award, and guess what I have been nominated too, for the second year running.
Buy the book, pop the kettle on, relax on the sofa and drink it in.