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Treasure Hunt Toddler Game

cheap indoor toddler game
Toys are all well and good but once your baby starts walking the enter a new phase of discovery and need continual stimulation. They want to be engaged in activity that requires them to challenge themselves. Tasks that appear mundane and foolish to us are learning experiences for your little ones.  For a baby realising that you have to pass items over to one hand so tat you can continue to collect with the other is a skill. Searching for things that look the same is a skill. Whilst these things may seem dull to you trust me they are fun tasks for your mobile baby.
games for mobile babies
With the winter weather still here there are limited activities for you and your little one to do outside of the house, even more limited if you are not want to spend a lot of money. For just the smallest investment on post it notes you can have a fun game and keep yours and your little ones sanity intact on a rainy day.
cheap indoor game for mobile babies
montessori inspired toddler game
Place the post it notes around the house for them to hunt and collect. Here is some advice so that the game is fun and safe.
  1. Place them all on one level of your home
  2. Place them in place where they can reach without climbing of straining
  3. Place at multiple levels so they have to look on the floor too, this will help keep their interest
  4. Do not place them in or near areas they are not normally allowed to go
fun cheap indoor games for toddlers
This is a great game of discovery and independence but I am all about safety so I never let him in a room alone, also my boy can take plug protectors out of the plug sockets and hand them to you, what a waste of money they were. When you follow your treasure hunter do so at a distance, don’t crowd them. Don’t cheer when they find one as then their attention is on you and not the game, if they look at you for acknowledgment then tell them well done and ask them to look for more. Remember from age one up words can happen any day a great way to encourage language is to ask questions so your little one has an intensive to talk to you.
fun cheap indoor games for mobile babies
Sebastian loves this game and after he has found them he has a a big stash of things to post into boxes, posting the universal favourite of most babies. Sebastian is now obsessed with using buckets, bags or boxes to carry multiple items around a room so I gave him a box to carry with him that he filled with the post it notes on the way around the treasure hunt.