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Twisted sister – hair diy

I often wear my hair up and hate to spend ages doing it but still want a great style. My hair is naturally large. Large is the only way to describe it one tiny amount of humidity or a slight amount of heat or sweat from me and my hair is twice as wide as I am. You can see why I prefer to have my hair up as opposed to down on a night out. If you have a party or somewhere special to go to tonight this is a great simple do for you to try. You can dress is up with ribbon or clips after.

1. Comb your hair so it is free of knots and dampen it. It is easier to handle slightly damp hair.
2. Split your hair into a centre parting with a comb.

3. Twist one side of your hair, twisting towards your face.
4. Pull the twisted hair over your head and pin using bobby pins. Repeat this process with the other side of your hair and pin.

Happy New Year
Nicolette xo
December 30, 2012