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Two Tone Record Cabinet Makeover

Cupboard upcycle
Above is a photograph of my completed record cabinet makeover at The Festival of Thrift with the string art I created for Reloved Magazine, I cannot wait to see it in my completed dining room. There is a fair bit of plastering to do in that room before I can paint but I have the music corner all worked out.

The first thing to do was to sand the cabinet down.

Once the cabinet had been sanded I needed to tackle the broken veneer. I used normal polyfiller, the key to getting a good finish on this was to have multiple thin layers. Sanding in between each layer with a fine sandpaper.
How to fix veneer
As I had decided to paint the cabinet the fact that I was fixing the cabinet in this way did not matter. The dark wood took quite a few coats of water based eggshell. I always try to use water based paints for both environmental reasons and a preference on the finish. Remember to sand in between coats for a beautiful finish.
From a design perspective I wanted to leave the handles as a wood finish. Once the layers of white were completed it was time to give the record cabinet a little more edge. The dining room will be heavy on mid century design and cool greys. I selected the perfect grey to complete my project. I measured up from the bottom all the way around and used a spirit level to ensure the line was straight. I wanted a clean line so frog tape was placed on the line and the grey went on. A spirit level was used to ensure the line was straight.

I have an ever growing record collection waiting for its new home, and a new home slowly taking shape, exciting and exhausting times.

October 3, 2014
October 8, 2014