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Update Your Home With Cushions

how to update your home with cushions
The days are finally getting longer, we are traveling to work in the light and our moods are lifting. We have also been sat at home watching the Great Interior Design Challenge loving the designs, or if I know the British public screaming at the TV about what we would do in their place. It is no surprise that this time of year is big news in DIY and decorating, our homes were dressed to look their best over Christmas and with everything torn down and packed away they look bare and drab. Despite the fact that it is almost March most of us are still broke and dry January didn’t help the finance it just made for a heavier February so how can we satisfy our need to decorate. It is often said that a tin of paint is the biggest impact for the cost and that is true but to paint a room you need to prep the room I wrote a whole post about it here. You also have to shift your things out or hide them away an the days are getting longer but not so long. Instead of spending a weekend painting why not buy some cushions and have a cup of tea out in the winter sun.
how to update your home with cushions
<Space 1a Design £40.00>
I love cushions from a practical and a decorative standpoint. They add instant warmth to a scheme because we associate soft and squishy with comfort. They are also a great way of adding bold patterns and colours to a scheme for the faint hearted who are not ready to commit to bright or dark walls.
update your home with cushions
<MADE £35.00>
<Braw Scotland prices from £29>
update your home with cushions
<Lime Face £40.00>

update your home with cushions
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It is a great way to throw caution to the wind and step out of your comfort zone with a cushion you can throw together various patterns and not really worry about it because if you change your mind you don’t have to re paint or strip the wallpaper if you change your mind. You can also pick up some unique cushions from independent designers and small local factories.
<Wraptious £24.95>
Remember the sofas and chairs are not the only areas that can benefit from cushions, look at my recent post on making the most of your bed
Although hints of spring are here it is still cold, really bloody cold so many activities will still be taking place indoors so why not buy some large cushions, camp out on the floor and play board games and drink hot ginger.
<Loaf £35.00>
Of course if you feel up to it you can make your own cushions and if you are feeling particularly crafty you can make shaped cushions like the ones that I made, further details on how you can do the same in this post.
February 24, 2016
February 29, 2016