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Vegetarian Birthday Fun

Monday was my birthday and I spent the whole of the weekend being spoiled by my friends and family. Now it is no surprise that France is not known for it’s vegetarian foo but here in Paris there are a number lovely vegetarian places to eat I thought I would try a this place for my birthday.
The place is small and intimate with a really cool and fresh interior. Colourful artwork on the walls and vintage baskets and crates as shelves on the walls.
The food was really great, exactly what I wanted. A lunchtime set menu of €19 gets you a starter of a fresh juice, that day it was carrot, apple and ginger or a soup, broccoli and almond. The menu changes so there is no way to get bored. As a main you have a choice of three tarts which will be served with an assiette of vegetables and salads. The choices that day were tofu, ginger and corn, the square tart below.
This was the pumpkin and mushroom and there was also a potato and spinach option. I apologise but the puddings did not last long enough for me to photograph.
Sebastian is new to understanding the concept of birthdays and gifts so he bought me an activity fox. I have to say I did not mind at all I loved my first birthday as a mummy. After the meal it was such a warm day we even managed to fit in Seb’s first park, Jardin des Plantes. We walked all the way home from Bastile in the evening sun along the Seine. I feel blessed.

March 8, 2014
March 15, 2014