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Velvet hair bow -diy

Ha look my hair is red! I celebrated this by making a pretty velvet bow for my hair. You see the black velvet shows up on my red hair. I have been thinking about red hair for a while and finally took the plunge. Not that red hair is particularly ‘out there’ or scary but I have had some major mishaps over the years so it had left me a little gun shy. The first being in my teen years. You know in those days when it is hard enough being a nerdy unpopular girl that boys did not like, now that was a great time to get a bad dye job. As a treat and in an attempt to boost my confidence my mum treated me to a package voucher for a really nice hairdressers. The voucher was a whole bunch of different treatments that I could have over 3 months. An amazing gift for anyone, especially a teenage girl. Alas the dye went very wrong indeed. I put this down in part to me being young and having little confidence to say I am not sure about that. Anyway I ended up with orange hair, even the stylist looked shocked. This was not really cute Christina Hendricks hair this was carrot orange. I wish I had a photo but am glad in a way that I do not. I went through a camera shy stage whilst it grew out.

I did not have any other really bad tales just ineffective home dying (due to my dark hair), over zealous bleaching from trainee hairdressers which left my hair colourful but ratty and dry. And hey red lingers, it really lingers. I was not born with red in my hair but I can now go years with having nothing but brown dye in my hair, or no dye at all and you catch me in the light there is an auburn hue!
The truth is I like red hair but I have spent a long time getting my hair in a good condition and shiny so I was scared that it would all change if I went red again and I would not be able to keep it up, but I really trust my colourist now. I have been going to her for a while and she has fixed my hair right up and I LOVE IT!
Now then that bow.


You will need;
1.5m velvet ribbon (in a colour of your choice)
a hair comb
a glue gun/strong glue
needle and matching thread


  1. Cut the ribbon into 3 sections at varying lengths. You will have a little leftover as shown above.
  2. Cut a V shape into the ends of the bottom.
  3. With the two smaller pieces make them into loops and stitch at the base to secure. You now have two loops a base and a spare bit, ignore the spare bit for now.
  4. Place the larger loop onto the centre of the base, then the smaller loop on top of that. Secure these with a stitch through all of the layers.
  5. Now for the spare bit of ribbon. Take this final bit and wrap it around the centre the other way to form the centre of the bow. Secure this with stitches at the base.
  6. Now that the bow is all secure you are ready to attach this to the comb. I did this with a glue gun. You can stitch it to the comb if you prefer.
  7. Now it is ready to wear!

Enjoy your bow.
Take Care
Nicolette xo

    March 14, 2013



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      March 14, 2013

      I really love red hair and I want to dye my hair again too. I have a bronze headband and it looks so good with red hair.

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      May 30, 2013

      ohh my gosh x how cute x im going to try making these in ivory for my Bridesmaids x wish me luck.