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Waiting For Spring

Last year I had the honour of being shortlisted for an Amara blog award and with every good blog award ceremony comes a celebrity host, we were lucky to have Sophie Robinson, (she was funny, charming and I liked her shoes), and a goody bag. It has been so much fun working my way through the fantastic products that we were gifted such as these lilac bulbs. 
At the weekend I decided to plant the lilac bulbs with my little boy. It is a great lesson in patience and his first exploration into gardening. As they were supposed to be planted in Autumn it may be a lesson in not trusting Mummy. Due to the mistake in timing I planted the bulbs inside so it should be okay, either way Sebastian got to play with stones, eggshells and mud!
Eggshells are filled with nutrients and are great crushed up inside or outside to feed the soil, remember to rinse them out first with hot water.
Hopefully they will grown and I can share a picture of the flowers with you…..fingers crossed!
January 23, 2016