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Washi tape bangle diy – Guest Post

Hello, I’m Chiaki and I’m guest blogging on Archie and the Rug today. I’m a passionate maker with a love for bright colours. You can normally find me blogging over at Chiaki Creates. Today I’m sharing this very simple tutorial on how to make a colourful bangle. I happened to have a slightly wider polka dot washi tape that fits perfectly horizontally on the bangle but I found that normal width washi tape looks better wrapped the other way around.

Materials:Wooden bangle Assortment of washi tape Scissors Mod Podge Brush

1. Cut a piece of washi tape long enough to be wrapped around the bangle and slightly overlap on the inside. Wrap it vertically around the bangle. Make sure that the washi tape is tight smoothing out any air bubbles as you go along.

2. Cut a new piece of washi tape and wrap it so it’s along side the previous one making sure that there’s isn’t any wood peeking through. Repeat until you’ve worked all the way around the bangle.

3. Using the brush apply Mod Podge on the inside of the bangle to prevent the ends of the washi tape from coming loose. Done.

November 3, 2013