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Welcoming Guests At Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly and to welcome hoards of people into your home. It is exciting to pile into the car and go on a trip at Christmas to see family or friends but it can also be unsettling and stressful, especially if you have little ones. Here are some of my tips and suggestions of how you can make things extra special for your winter visitors.
Tip 1 – Make sure guests have access to extra blankets and know where the extra pillows are kept. 
Tip 2 – Leave some towels out so they don’t have to keep asking for things as that can make some people feel awkward.
Tip 3 – As we have a big old house that gets very cold in the winter it is nice to leave little extras as a treat such as bed socks and a hot water bottle.
Tip 4 – Get the room ready. This sounds obvious but what I mean is get it good to go. Leave a lamp on, place a bottle of water and some glasses out. Like us many people travel late in the evening or through the night to avoid traffic so arrive in the early hours exhausted, why not pre warm the bed with a hot water bottle for them.
Tip 5 – Leave little extras. I save all of the mini shampoos etc. from my hotel visits so I leave a few out in the guest bedroom. I also like to leave a selection of books and magazines. Often people forget to bring these comforts from home or run out of space when packing so it is nice to provide them. I try to cater to the guest as much as I can. If you have grandparents arriving photo albums and scrapbooks for them to look through would be a real hit!
Tip 6 – Decorate – As it is Christmas it might be cute to add some fairy lights or a mini tree to the room so that festive feeling is front and centre. A fun idea might be to leave the towels etc that I mention before in a stocking for them.
Tip 7 – Make do. The main point of Christmas is seeing loved ones and even if your guest room is in fact a blow up mattress on the floor of another room that is okay you can still add all or some of these treats to make them feel comfortable. After all it is just about saying we car about you and are happy you are here to celebrate with us.
December 20, 2015