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What I Wore – Art Teacher Outfit

rodin gardens paris fashion
Sometimes I do crazy things. For instance I thought this day would be a perfect day to play with my toddler wearing heels. I also get a little lost in my imagination and I had been mostly dreaming of being an art teacher. Possibly in some lovely Italian retreat or a farm in the Yorkshire Dales. This is not completely out of left field over the past 18 months I have been teaching more workshops and giving talks and it reminded me that i love teaching. I was never a teacher but I did deliver training to young people and being able to marry my new life on Archie and The Rug with my past skills is really very nice. Anyway, I digress, if I do become an art teacher I need to have my outfit planned, so here it is, what do you think.
marks and spencer shoes
rodin gardens paris
zara skirt
mommy style
Chunky unbreakable jewellery is a must with a baby/toddler and Sebastian was very pleased with my wooden beads. We also spent a lot of time watching a line of ants. I am pretty much terrified of ants, bugs in general, any insect, and above all spiders so I am trying to be brave and not pass on that fear to Sebastian so that was a big step for me. Also this skirt has pockets and I have said it before and will say it again when your dress or skirt has pockets it truly is a red letter day.
white frames sunglasses
chunky wooden beads
zara skirt marks and spencer shoes
zara skirt
Outfit Details
Blouse – Promod
Shoes – Marks & Spencer
Skirt – Zara
Cardigan – Thrifted
Fox Ring  -Promod
Sunglasses – Thrifted