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What I wore – Boden


Why do I look so smug in that photo? Well I will tell you why, because I am wearing expensive well made clothes for a fraction of the cost. A friend of mine Katie  suggested a new Ebay method to me. You see I have always sat and watched auctions bidding at the last moment and often getting carried away and spending more than I had intended. Katie suggested putting in a price that you are willing to pay and leaving it. You may get a nice surprise email when you win. I admit it I lost items also but I lucked out tonnes of times. Hey do see that I am rocking some serious 80s legwarmers, perhaps that has gone towards the smug expression. I do love leg warmers!

Take Care
Nicolette xo

Outfit Details
Dress- Boden
Shoes – Boden
Leggings – C & A
Cardigan – Vintage
Legwarmers – C & A
Hat – C & A
January 7, 2013