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What I Wore – Dressing For Spring

Zara Headband Leather Belt
I like every other British raised person get overly excited at the slightest amount of sunshine. Every nice day has to be treated as though it were our last. Some years we may only get the one so that is true. That being said I am not as hardy as I should be, maybe it is my foreign blood but my ability to moan about the cold knows no bounds. When my fellow Yorkshiremen have long abandoned their knitwear I am holding on to my cardigan for dear life. Spring has many of those days that are bright and promising but not quite time for sandals and certainly some sort of jacket is still a must.
Nat & Nin Bag
I am always loathed to stay in dark colours as soon as the sunshine is out, even if the air is still cool so finding this bright velvet blazer in Boden was perfect as a transitional coat. I had wanted a pair of these boots from Minnetonka for ages but then I live in Northern Europe and rain is not kind to suede so cooler bright sunny days are the perfect time to wear them.
Pink Boden Jacket
minnetonka boots
french fashion
Outfit Details
Dress – Sinequanone
Boots – Minnetonka

  Jacket – Boden

  Belt –Sinequanone
Bag – Nat & Nin
Headband – Zara
May 15, 2015


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    October 11, 2016

    Great pictures and a lovely outfit!