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What I Wore – Dressing Up & Down

It occurred to me that whilst I have taken many What I Wore shoots in Paris, including the majority of my Maternity Series they are not always obviously in Paris. The difficulty about taking photos in an ‘obvious’ Paris location is that it is filled with tourists who walk around messing up my shots, clearly evidenced in the picture below.
I am determined to try and keep my sense of self and style whilst being a mum. This can be hard as a full time working mother and on some days I find it impossible. I have tried to find new ways to feel good and be practical and in all honesty I have enjoyed the challenge of finding outfits out of my comfort zone. I have become very aware of fabrics that crush easily as I may be crawling through a tunnel at some point and will almost certainly have a small person wriggling and hugging on my lap for a vast portion of the day. Another thing I find hard now is feeling sexy, not for anyone else for myself, my own self worth. This black top was ideal as it has a crushed fabric effect already, one issue covered, and it has a low plunging back. I am a fan of my back, I rarely see it, but I know it’s there and I am more than happy with how it looks. I teamed this top with a flowing jersey skirt, not the usual fitted variety I would have normally chosen. I have enjoyed finding new ways to express my style and be practical and I love that I have a tiny person in my life who makes me crawl through tunnels, climbs all over me and leaves me with a strange and somewhat permanent odour.
Outfit Details
Top – Zara 
Sandals – Birkenstock
Skirt – H&M
Necklace – Ebay
Sunglasses – Zara