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What I Wore – Light Layers

nicolette lafonseca
Once again I was expecting a freezing winter, and don’t get me wrong we have had a few of those days but mostly it has been just cold. In fact we have had many days of changeable weather, cold one moment, too warm for a coat when the wind drops. Those days and the days when you are in and out of buildings are perfect for light layers.
pink leather satchel biker jaket
If there is one thing that I have learned living in Paris is that age does not matter. In fact this was something I already believed but it is nice to live in a place where everyone else is on board and shop assistants don’t look at you like you are too old to be wearing their clothes. Women of all ages embrace all fashions and are not afraid of looking, well really sexy. Granted living in Paris has its drawbacks, the pressure to look well turned out is huge, even their scruffy casual wear has a well ironed class air to it.
biker jaket fox jumper
Nicolette Lafonseca
In Paris I am happy to wear my fox jumper and long socks and not care that it is not ‘mum’ attire. In fact my sage femme (midwife) said something to me that has stayed with me, “you are a woman first then you are a wife and mother it is important that you feel sensual for yourself”. I was happy to hear this as I have no intention of changing how I look. This is one of the rare what I wore post that I am wearing my glasses as despite being half blind I am convinced I look like a tool in glasses.
Black pencil skirt Nicolette Lafonseca
Fluevog shoes
Long Socks Biker Jacket
Outfit Details
Skirt –Monoprix
Shoes –Fluevog
Shirt  –Monoprix
Headband -Handmade
Socks – C & A
Jumper – Bizzbee
Biker Jacket – Etam 
Bag – c/o Paperchase
January 10, 2015
January 15, 2015