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What I Wore – My Jean Saga

Flared jeans
For a long time I have been flummoxed by jeans, (I cannot fully explain how happy it makes my to use the word flummoxed).  So for a long time, decades almost I never wore jeans because I had long legs, then manufactures caught up with the fact that we were all getting taller and long length jeans were available everywhere not just in super expensive stores. So that should have been problem over right….wrong. The length is just the tip of the iceberg. 
Zara jeans
Paris Jardin Luxembourg
Here is what I want from jeans; make my bum look nice and stays up. Two simple requests I would have thought. I have tried to rectify the slipping down issue with a belt but then the jeans would slip down leaving the belt in place. Yes I may well be educated and articulate but I am out smarted by a belt. I just want two simple things from a pair of jeans but when I walk around the shops I leave confused and angry. Jeans are never called stays up or nice bum, no they are called; boyfriend, girlfriend, relaxed, true skinny, sexy boyfriend, high rise, low rise, boot cut, always skinny, slim straight, drain pipe, resolution skinny, always skinny, perfect boot, always straight, long and lean. REALLY! I just want stays up and nice bottom but instead I am met with a minefield of naming nonsense 
Paris Jardin Luxembourg
I recently stumbled upon a pair of jeans that stay up and I did it quite by accident, I was trying on a top and just grabbed them as something to try it with I had no intention of buying them but they felt soft and comfy. As for the nice bottom thing well I think it does not look too bad but I will let you be the judge. Now if anyone can point me towards a pair of skinny jeans that stay up I will be eternally grateful.
Paris fashion
Paris Fashion
Paris fashion
Outfit Details
Top  – Promod
  Shoes Andre
Jeans – Zara
Watch –  Swatch
Sunglasses – Zara
Necklace – Element


August 13, 2015
August 17, 2015


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    August 16, 2015

    Yeah, your bum looks great in them! 🙂