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What I Wore – New York, Paris, Todmorden?

I was feeling more than cosmopolitan today with my shoes that came from New York, clothes from France and Todmorden charity shops prancing around in front of the Eiffel Tower. I can think of far worse ways to spend Easter Sunday. This is my first post baby what I wore post, so hello again.
I am in love with these shoes that were bought from New York and whinged their way to me for my birthday. With their elegant high backed design and my desire to keep them looking nice I had to put them on with a shoe horn, how grown up is that? Okay I will admit having a mortgage and a baby are pretty grown up things to do also but the shoe horn thing is definitely in my top 5. They are incredibly comfortable and I can verify that their claims that Fluevog shoes are resistant to Satan is true, as you can see from the following images there is not one devil to be seen. You know when you are wearing good shoes when on their first outing your feet are not torn to pieces. Growing up I thought that ‘breaking shoes in’ was a necessity, it is not if the shoes are mega wicked well made uber shoes.
Being in Paris is great, having shoes from New York is cool but home is home. My top although from a French company was bought in a charity shop in Todmorden, sleep Yorkshire town. It is one of the few tops that I owned pre pregnancy that still fits after breast explosion of 2013. A brief aside, I love skirts that have pockets!
Outfit Details
Blouse -Kookai (thrifted)
Shoes – Fluevog
Socks – C & A
Skirt -The Gap (thrifted)
Cardigan – Camaieu
Fox Ring  – Monoprix
Sunglasses – Thrifted

April 17, 2014
April 22, 2014