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Winter skincare essentials – Guest Post

Hi my name is LiLi and I normally blog over at Let’s Get Lippy, but today I’m gate-crashing Nicolette’s blog party. (just kidding – I’m not really… I was actually invited) I’m joining a bunch of talented ladies, who will be swapping articles and sharing personal thoughts on their best-loved topics. I am a culture vulture with a passion for beauty and lifestyle. However today I will be sharing my top 5 items for winter skincare.
If you have seen the latest weather reports, you’ll know that we have been partial to severe conditions
from gale force winds and storms. This can leave your skin feeling rather dry. Fear not my lovelies. Here are five items that might help nourish and protect your skin (in no particular order).
1. Sanctuary Body Scrub – Winter weather can often leave you with dry and flaky skin. So body scrubs are great for exfoliating , removing dead skin cells and encouraging circulation. Sanctuary have a fab range of body scrubs. They make apply really nicely to the skin and also make excellent gift sets as well.
2. Vaseline Cocoa Body Gel Oil – its quite unusual to think of cocoa butter to be contained in a gel
formula! However if you have the type of skin that gets really dry – I swear by this item. It smells
gorgeous and works in an instant. Similar to the Johnson’s Baby Oil, you can apply this to wet skin all over your body. Pat dry with a towel and you will have silky soft skin in an instant.
3. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula – this product is great for softening, smoothing and relieving dry
skin. It’s also supposed to smooth out stretch marks by giving an even tone to the skin. I like this cream because it actually absorbs into the skin fairly well. My tip is to choose the bottle that has the pump dispenser at the top. It prevents you from applying too much of it, which will works out more cost effective in the long run.
4. Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm – There are so many lip balms out there. To be honest I alternate
between different brands, but at the moment I am using Nivea’s Essential Care. Its super soft on the lips and relieves me of any cracking and bleeding. I prefer lip balms that are packages in sticks, so that I don’t have to get my fingers greasy!
5. Lots of water – this will probably sound really silly, but drinking lots of water really does help your skin to look more vibrant. Regardless of the season, I can completely tell the difference when I’ve been drinking proportionate daily amounts. If you find it boring, you could always try flavoured water to start with. After a few weeks you will definitely see and feel the difference. 
Just before I head off, I just want to say: A MASSIVE Happy 3rd Year Blog Birthday Nicolette! Thank you so much for having me. Raise a glass and say ‘CHEERS’ for all your hard work!
Love and Lipstick,
November 1, 2013
November 2, 2013