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Wrapped Lettters

I love language and decorating with words is one of my favourites at Christmas this is no different. This is something that anyone can achieve regardless of their crafting ability. It is also something you can sit on the sofa and do with a glass of mulled wine listening to Christmas records. First you need to decide what it is you want to say, I went with a classic, plus I am in France so Noel was the obvious choice. You could do the initials of people in your family and place them above each stocking. You can find cardboard letters easily at most hobby and craft stores in a variety of sizes.
I chose to wrap mine in a red wool. I have so many partial balls of wool left from knitting projects so I am pleased when I find a good use for them. Apart from your wool and letters you just need double sided tape and a  patients.

Before you start wrapping wildly think about the shape of the letters and how each will need to be covered. I chose to cover the ends of the letters first so that all the end bits of wool would be covered neatly in the wrapping process. I did this by simple snipped small ends of wool and laying them on neatly onto double sided tape.
Another thing to consider when wrapping your letters is corners, try to think about the pattern and shapes and create a feature of tricky corners like I have demonstrated on the L below. Don’t attempt do use one unbroken length of wool on your letters you won’t get the best finish that way. The ends of each length can be hidden under the next section and you can over wrap areas to change direction and ensure the letter is fully covered. A good example of this is on the N.
I hope you enjoy making your letters, please post a link to your project in the comment box

December 9, 2013
December 11, 2013