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Wrapped wire words – diy

My lovely friend and talented chef Sarah Holder hosted the first of many pop up restaurant nights to launch her new catering company Taste The Love. I wanted to make her a gift that was unique for her so I created these wire wrapped words. These are a really simple diy and a great way to keep a gift personal by choosing the right words.

You will need;
wire/old wire coat hanger
double sided tape
embroidery floss/wool
mod podge/pva

  1. Shape your wire into the word or shape that you desire.
  2. Cover sections of your words in double sided tape. Do this in workable sections so that you that it doesn’t stick to itself.
  3. Wrap the sections in embroidery floss making sure that you trap the end of the current and subsequent colour under the beginning of the next wrap.
  4. Secure the two ends of the words by rubbing a little pva/mod podge.
  5. Give as a gift or display in your home.
Take Care
Nicolette xo