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May I begin with a full disclosure I had no clue what money mindset was. If I had no clue it existed how would I know if it needed fixing. Well I didn’t I came to the whole concept in a very roundabout manner. I was at the Amara blog awards in London and I watched Sarah Akwisombe get her award for best new interiors blog. I had no clue then that she would diversify and turn that platform into what it is today. I watched as her No Bull Blog School became the No Bull Business School. You see Sarah has this fearless way of approaching things and her passion for writing about and designing interiors was only one aspect of her, she is also a business woman and a bloody canny one at that. After fixing my mindset I launched a new business, not so new now. I changed the way I charged corporate clients and people even started paying invoices on time, sometimes early.

Please allow me a brief digression. I have been blogging for 10 years now, yes I am a bloody dinosaur, long before blogs had ads when we could probably all name one another and many of us had .blogspot web addresses. We had no idea we could make a career out of it. The thing is I have been doing this a long time and I know a little bit about it so I become very tired of the endless advice of write about one thing develop a really strong niche. We are multi-faceted people, unless you are very dull and let’s not consider those people in this. We have many areas of interest and often we have more than one area of expertise. If You want to write about craft and interiors then do it. If you want to write about food and travel then do it. If you want to have a niche then fine but stop letting experts keep you in a box – ALWAYS APPLY A HEALTHY DOSE OF CRITICAL THINKING WHEN AN EXPERT GIVES YOU ADVICE! If we always followed advice to the letter we would live in a world devoid of innovation.

Is money mindset all a bit woo?

Right back to the case of money mindset. I had been loving the content that Sarah was sharing online, we had chatted some over messaging on Instagram, oh the modern age, I liked that she was no bull. Literally living up to her business name. I hate when I would look for advice or see posts and articles from people that was just one non-descript buzz phrase after another. I worked in the public sector for 15 years I am done with rhetoric. No one was more surprised that I was when Sarah launched her Money + Manifesting course – truthfully I thought she had lost the plot. The course ran once, then it ran again and again and I saw that other friends of mine were taking this course and raving about it. Part of me was worried that they had all gone to the dark side and joined some sort of woo woo cult but there was a part of me that was curious. I have always looked down on all things woo and I will explain later how you can still fix your money mindset and not have to go full woo – there is a science bit coming up, stay with me.

Fast forward and I noticed that Sarah was running a free accelerator, a taster into this whole money malarkey. Being somewhat no bullshit myself I can smell a lead magnet a mile off but I thought where is the harm, my email address is harvested, (the world and her husband has it anyway). I could do the free thing see what it is all about, laugh about it and wander off into my cocoon of quiet superiority. Well bloody hell I discovered I had money blocks up the wazoo.

money on a map money mindset

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and rich is better” Mae West

Here is the thing I hated rich people, I have a long history of despising people with money. I have a strange family history as back in India my family were dripping in cash and social standing. Then they came to the UK and they were just brown faced immigrants and I spent my formative years in a council flat. Then my mum became quite well off and then circumstances changed again. I became independent and my income was up and down. Sometimes pretty damn comfortable sometimes sending unsigned cheques to the gas board, vintage days of cheques allowed food on my table some months. I had not consciously considered my hatred for the rich or how that would affect my relationship with money. My intrigue was certainly peeked and I went on the full course, pretty successful lead magnet in the end, I did mention she is good at business right.

What are money blocks?

Hold tight because here comes the science bit.  Neuro Linguistic Programming. I am a disabled woman, one of my disabilities is a mental health issue. I wanted to come off all of my anti-psychotic medication in order to raise my children. It was a decision that was important to me and does not suit everyone but for me it was important due to the side effects of the medication, there is no shame in medication as a parent if that is what you need. Making that decision flung me into research mode and one of the many things that I looked into and used to get me to where I am today mentally was NLP so I was no stranger to the concept, I had never considered it to be applied to how I thought about money.

In modern day terms I have always considered myself to be a Socialist, in that I believe in nationalising industries and utilities, I believe in raising wages through collective pay bargaining, I believe in a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work – a living wage. Free healthcare at the point of use is seen as a socialist principle in American terms. I would probably say I hold socialist principals as socialism in pure theoretical form probably suits very few individuals in the same way free market fundamentalism does not suit capitalists, not really. So I had struggled with how I could hold these principals and not think that rich people are tossers. Then I realised the rich are quite happy with me believing that because why would I strive to be something that I despise. It works in their favour even if they are not consciously pushing it.

money in a glass with a plant coming out

I started to think about films and novels and found it hard to name more than five stories that I knew of where a rags to riches tale did not end in them saying they were happier poor. Anyone who has watched a John Hughes film knows that the rich kids are always the mean kids and poor folk are funny and kind and content in their poverty. Now hold on a minute I have lived in poverty, I have rationed my meals and gone to bed hungry. I have worried about how to pay rent and bills. I have never met a poor person who thought it was better being poor than having money. There is the old adage that money cannot buy happiness and that is true you can be rich and be a miserable sod but money does reduce worry. It gives access to better health through food and living conditions and guess what when you are not worried it really does help the happiness. Now I am not saying that I was not happy, I was but it would be nice not to worry and to have better choices.

All this time I had been surrounded by media that cemented the idea that poor was good and rich was bad. I had met a great deal of tossers who had really bad attitudes towards society, my absent father was one of them so I had this NLP ingrained in my psyche and it was really impacting on my bank balance.

Our subconscious thoughts and actions have very real consequences.

My attitude towards money and wealthy people was impacting on how I carried myself. I was actually subconsciously thinking about money ALL the time and it was damaging me as all of my decisions and choices were coming from a place of panic and fear, financial worry can do that to you. Changing my mindset made me approach my career and other financial decision from a place of calm and clarity and I made better choices that way, more financially beneficial choices. This money mindset has been particularly helpful during these time where external factors out of my control are impacting on the economy in ways none of us can truly predict.

English people are awful when it comes to talking about money. It is just not right and proper to discuss such vulgar things as what one earns or what a thing costs, heaven forfend! This lack of openness damages women most of all who are continually undervalued in society and in the dark financially. Case in point I was married and divorced and never knew what my ex-husband earned, not even a ball park and that was not because I did not pay bills I paid many bills, especially when he was still studying. These attitudes are helping society get away with gender pay gaps.

a desk flatlay removing money blocks

Pulling back the curtain after the course.

Now I am not going to give you an in depth verbatim of the course as that would be underhanded, Sarah and Jen worked hard to develop it and I am not going to give someone else’s content away for free. The course is currently open, the link is above and she has also written a book, we have the same literary agent in fact. If the course is not something you feel ready for give the book a go. First let me tell you some of the revelations I had after the curtain was pulled back and how I am still benefitting from it.

  • Some rich people are arseholes that part is true but being an arsehole and being rich does not have to be mutually exclusive and more good people become rich we could effect change.
  • If I had more money I would be able to give more away, employ people on a decent wage, be the sort of boss I wish I had had in those 9-5 days.
  • Money does give you better choices. Yes there is always a choice but why not have better ones.
  • If I do not value my own self-worth in monetary terms why should anyone else.
  • My attitude towards wealth and money was actually making me obsessed with it, with the lack of it and letting go of that was much healthier and when the fear went I could think about income streams with clarity not panic and made more as a result.
  • I am not a tosser if I become rich I don’t have to become a tosser.
  • You can be rich and hold socialist principals because I continually seek to push for financial mobility of all and want to break down societal barriers that hinder people from being financially better off.

You don’t have to go full woo woo to benefit from the course or indeed to address you money mindset in other ways. I have a new found confidence in my business. I make calm and rational decisions that do not come from a place of fear or panic, even in difficult times such as these when external and uncontrollable factors impact the economy. You don’t have to buy into manifestation to benefit from NLP. Women are especially at the bottom of the pile when it comes to talking about money and valuing worth and I could write a thesis on patriarchal constraints that impact on that and where it comes from. You don’t have to be a business owner or have a side hustle to benefit from changing your money mindset, how many of us are being paid fairly at work. How many of you can say that you would not like to earn more or have looked at a wage bracket for a job description and dismissed as it was so high they mustn’t want someone like you?

If I could give you one take away from this post it is this, money is NOT a dirty word.

March 27, 2020