30 Days of Calm – meditation for those who can’t meditate

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Do you ever feel bombarded by all the apps, wellness books and articles talking about the many benefits of meditation? But then at the end of it all you feel unable to access those benefits. Well if that is you, then you are not alone…

If you have tried the apps, read the books and tried to take the advice, but can still not meditate please note: YOU ARE NOT FAILING. The method is failing you. Asking your brain to switch off can put it under stress and that is the last thing you want to do.

This course guides you through 30 different straightforward and relaxing creative activities that bring you all of the benefits of meditation, without the stress. The activities have been designed to provide you with time out each day. They will help calm you, offer focus, clarity and remove unsettled / restless feelings, that is tame your monkey mind.



For 30 days you will get a daily prompt. Each email will take you through the process involved for each activity and an optional guided meditation. Why optional? Well, the very action of these activities have been developed to work as a guided meditation or something you can use to quiet the monkey mind. The activities will help to remove unsettled, restless and indecisive feelings and give you peace, clarity and calmness in your day. You do not have to be naturally artistic to benefit from this, it doesn’t even matter if you have not picked up a crayon or paintbrush since primary school.

The course will give you;

  • 30 daily prompts
  • Video links for each day
  • A link to a specially compiled playlist that you can use for your creative meditation
  • Life-time access for the duration of the course

3 reviews for 30 Days of Calm – meditation for those who can’t meditate

  1. Sarah

    I have been really struggling this year with anxiety and have never been able to make meditation work but these prompts have really been a help

  2. Ingrid

    Love love love the techniques in this course I have also been using them with the kids we sit down and do them together it has really help us in these strange times

  3. Kimberly

    Such an amazing way to zone out on creativity and give yourself even just a few minutes of inner calm. If you struggle to meditate in the traditional way (and we all know how hard it is to quiet those voices in your head), then give this a try. You don’t have to be an expert crafter or have any artistic experience at all, each prompt is well explained and I loved the videos that accompany them (they are actually really calming just to watch!). Everything is easily replicated with just a few simple tools too. Brilliant course, highly recommended!

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