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Aduki Bean Chocolate Bites

I am a huge fan of finding new ways to eat chocolate. The aduki beans in this recipe are a chocolate delivery system and I see very little wrong with this. Using dark chocolate with a high cocoa content combined with the textural beans and honey makes this recipe have a rich flavour without being too sickly.
you will need;
80g aduki beans (dried weight)
200g dark chocolate
2tbsp honey 
  1. Soak the aduki beans in water overnight. Boil them until the are oft. Rinse off any scum.
  2. Place the aduki beans and honey into a food processor and pulse them so they are broken up but do not make them into a paste. You need the lumps.
  3. Melt the dark chocolate over a pan. I am very anti microwave melting it damages the chocolate. Mix the broken aduki bean and honey mixture in with the melted chocolate. 
  4. Spread this mixture onto a board lined with baking parchment and cool in the fridge. 
  5. When cooled cut into mouth sized bites and enjoy.
October 1, 2014