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Polenta corn cakes

I have been in full on little and often mode lately. I think it is all the extra space that is occupied by a baby that used to be tummy space. One way of quelling that hunger is to make sure that your snack id filling and not just a sugar rush. As tempting as it is to just grab for the chocolate biscuits you will have a sugar crash and you won’t be full up either.
you will need;
300g tinned sweetcorn
1tbsp chopped coriander
3 cups polenta
2 eggs
1 red chilli
milk (for batter, see note below)
salt and pepper
Now I have not put the measurement of milk because this is something that will change depending on the size of your eggs, how wet/juicy the corn is. In my mind lots of recipes require the reader to act on instinct, but how are they supposed to know this if the recipe does not state that. I am hoping to get people thinking about texture and consistency and not thinking of a recipes as a rule book, more of a guide. That way you will become a more competent cook and confident enough to change and adapt recipes, or even create your own. The photograph below show the consistency that you require from your batter.
  1. Drain your corn and add to a mixing bowl. To this add your coriander, polenta and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Finely slice and deseed your chilli, add this to the bowl.
  3. In a separate bowl beat your two eggs, add a little milk to loosen them. Add the beaten eggs to the corn and polenta mixture. At this point add milk until you reach the consistency illustrated above. The mixture should be thick and hold a loose shape on a spoon but without any dry patches or lumps.  Leave to stand for 5mins.
  4. After the mixture has stood for a while the polenta will have soaked up some of the liquid. You may want to add a little more milk at this point, remember not to make this too runny it should hold its shape in the frying pan. Remember if you are unsure try a to make a small one. If that is too dry you can add a little more milk to the rest, you can add but you can’t take away!
  5. Heat your oil to a moderate heat. Depending on the size of your frying pan you can make 3-5 of these at once. A  heaped dessertspoon makes them the right size.
  6. Cook on each side until golden brown, drain on kitchen paper and serve hot with sweet chilli sauce, (or a dip or your own choosing).
I served these as a snack but they work just as well as a light lunch with salad, or as a starter.

September 6, 2013
September 14, 2013