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Why are we making fabric pumpkins when we are not Halloween people? In fact we are very anti halloween. Sebastian is scared to leave the house at the moment because of window displays in shops. I may write a post with these thoughts at some point. We are autumn people though and we like carving happy pumpkins. We also went on our first trick or treat last year on a toddler approved road with friends, just dressed as cute animals, no spooky stuff.

materials for fabric pumpkinsThis morning we woke up with an urge to craft so the blog post is happening in real time, which does not happen often. We made fabric pumpkins that are not so halloween that they cannot be used as decor throughout autumn. In fact you could create a vignette. You can tell that Sebastian has a blogger as a mummy as he correctly used the word vignette at three and half!

Speedy fabric pumpkins

When I was gathering the fabric samples from my stash and an old jumper that was beyond repair for a materials shot or the blog Sebastian and Humphrey wanted to get their photo taken too, for mummy’s website. So here you go.

crafting children crafting kids child craft

To make your pumpkins you will need;

  • a selection of fabric, wool works really well for a no sew option.
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • selection of yarn
  • dowl or sticks
  • fibre fill

yellow fabric

  1. Turn your fabric the wrong side up. Run a needle and thread all the way round the edge of the fabric. Start to pull it up and gather the edges together.
  2. Fill your pumpkin. Place the dowl in the centre and stuff around it.
  3. Pull the edges closed and stitch the edges.
  4. Wrap the yarn around the fabric to emulate the pumpkin shape and continue up the dowl. Tie off and trim.

how to make a fabric pumpkin how to make a fabric pumpkinhow to make a fabric pumpkin

Fabric pumpkins for an autumn vignette

When I used the wool I found that the bottom of the pumpkin worked better if I tied it on the inside in the centre. See the images below. Then you can gather the top and secure with an elastic band. This no sew version enabled the kids to take control of the entire process. With the woolen pumpkins we did not add a stick stalk we simply wrapped around the wool.

fabric pumpkin how to

Create an autumn display in your home

I realised I have a full on love affair with pumpkins, looking through my archives I found so many pumpkin recipes. A pumpkin related craft was not on my autumn bucket list but it should have been we all had so much fun making these.

how to make a fabric pumpkin how to make fabric pumpkins how to make a fabric pumpkin

October 26, 2019
November 18, 2019