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Our Mini Elopement

Back when I posted that I would have a busy week this week I was  very cloak and dagger about why. Well this is why Joe and I eloped, well kinda. Let me explain, Joe and I will be taking ourselves up to a castle in Northumberland to be with loved ones and get hitched. However the venue is not licensed and Des, as verbose and fantastic as he is is not an ordained celebrant so we got the opportunity to have 2 very different and equally fantastic weddings! The first of these was yesterday and the second will be in September, am literally bursting at the seams to share all of the diy projects with you but am sworn by my maid of honour to keep things as a surprise for guests, which means a small blogging embargo on that front!

Yesterday was a real elopement style affair, very few knew of it and we stole witnesses from the councils sports and leisure department. After the legalities and a short photo session in the grounds with a tripod and timer we went off to surprise good friend and gallery owner Alison Bartram. Where we made use of the Heart Gallery garden and her hipstamatic app for some impromptu wedding snaps! I hope to be sharing more on Alison soon as I want to interview her as part of a new series of interviews on inspirational women in business, this will be part of Levis Shape Whats To Come Community.  You will have to be patient as she is a very busy lady who now has 3 businesses under her belt, see I said she was inspirational as she still has time for family and friends.  Have a look at the lovely photos she took for us.

Thank you Alison xo

When we finished at Heart we walked Archie of Archie & the Rug fame. We then ate yummy Turkish food at the Olive Tree, a wedding and grilled halloumi in one day, how lucky am I! We drank red wine, talked and went to see the movie ‘Killing Bono’, which I highly recommend. 

Here are a few of the photos we took ourselves, praise be timers.

Waiting to go in

A flower cookie bouquet 
My self pinned hair!

The legal documentation
His ring, they went away at midnight
until September so we didn’t turn into pumpkins!

The cookies could not be resisted any longer
Wine from dinner

Perfect day!

May 20, 2011



  1. Reply

    Rachel Lucie Johns

    May 20, 2011

    how beautiful! the perfect day (or rather, the perfect first day….wedding number two to come now!)
    Rachel x

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    May 20, 2011

    great photos ! x anna

  3. Reply


    May 21, 2011

    Fantastic blog (as always) of a fantastic day! Much love to Dr. Joe and Dr. Nic x x x x Angela