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Wire Flower Brooch – diy

I like to wear unique accessories, maybe it is hang up from being an only child for such a long time, I want only me to have it! Joe said it is because I am born awkward and pride myself on being different. I decided to start using some of the things that have been in my craft cupboard for a while now. For my flower brooch I used a covered wire as I had some in my store and did not know what to do with it. However you can use any craft wire and there are so many colours around in any craft shop.

There is no rule as to how you make your flower just keep looping an twisting until you are happy. The un-predictable nature of the wire is my favourite part. I made two flowers one smaller than the last and joined them with a star pattern/flower centre. Make sure you leave enough wire at the end to attach your brooch back. Again you get get bags of brooch backs from almost any craft or hobby store. Twist your left over wire to secure the back as shown below.
I am really pleased with how this brooch turned out and has got me thinking about other wire brooches I could make – I am going to try a dragonfly next, simply because they are cool.
Be sure to link to photos of your wire creation in the comments below.
Take Care 
Nicolette xo

May 14, 2012
May 18, 2012