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Actually textured throws have been around for a long time, Anthropolgie takes inspiration from around the globe and nail it when they make it their own. You can take inspiration and nail it at making a textured throw your own too. Wait have you not seen any textured throws around? Well you must be living in an interior design free cave for the past decade they are everywhere.

The methods I used to make my textured throw are incredibly simple and the materials easily available. Despite my penchant for a good blanket I decided to make a lightweight throw. In part this decision was fueled by the fact that I had a hammam towel that I bought years ago in Morocco. A brief aside I find them so absorbent and pretty when we finally get around to doing the bathroom in the distant future, a very long time from now, I plan to buy loads more for general use.

you will need;

  • a hammam towel
  • tassel fringing
  • a wire coat hanger
  • chunky wool
  • dk weight wool
  • a pompom maker or card
  • a needle and thread
  • a darning needle
  • scissors
  • sewing machine (you can hand sew the hair pinning but it takes longer)
hammam towel
bend your wire
wind wool
stitch the hairpin
remove the wire
cut the loops
to release the fluff
  • First decide on a colour pallet. I chose to keep mine muted to go with the pale blue and white of the towel but you could go for bright contrasting colours.
  • I made my small pompoms. I used a pompom maker from here but you could make one old school using 2 circles of card but that way takes so much longer!
  • Lay your towel down flat and decide where to place your trim and pompoms. Then stitch them in place. I chose to attach the tassel trim first then the pompoms.
  • I wanted to add some heavy texture to the centre of the throw. So I did some hair pinning! To do this cut a wire hanger and bend in two. Wrap your wool around in an over/under fashion. Keep pushing the wool up and really ‘fill’ the wire. When it is full to the end place the ‘hairpin’ where you want it and sew down the centre point. Pull the wire out and cut through the loops to release the fluff!
  • You can put as much or as little texture on your throw but I hope you can take these ideas and methods and apply them to your own design.
August 5, 2019